Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lake Mead and Las Vegas

Sorry we haven't updated in such a long time, we have been without internet. We have many, many pictures so we are going to do a few different posts in the next few days so that we can show them all. These pictures are from the beginning of Leslie's segment, before we got to Death Valley.

The morning we left Bishop, there was a snow storm up in the mountains and we saw rainbows down below.

We drove to Lake Mead and switched professors, we went from Brian to Leslie. Our first day with Leslie was spent mapping just outside of Las Vegas.

Shelby in an arch.

Cat and Shelby.

In the afternoon we did a project measuring the magnetic field in an area. One person in each group wore the magnetometer. Here is Paige with her magnetometer.

Izzy and Paige.

The whole group with the magnetometers. We also got new TAs. They are John and Jenica and they are wonderful. They are fourth and fifth from the left on the top row.

That night we went into Vegas. It was Jen and Shelby's wedding night so we took a few wedding photos.

The wedding party.

A casino. The Excalibur.

Sam R, our official tour guide.

The Luxor.

Sam and Schatz.

Wedding pic.

The fountain show outside the Bellagio.

Wedding pic.

The Bellagio garden. It looks just like Izzy, Gerben, and Liza's sculpture from this summer!

Wedding pic in Caesar's Palace. Vegas was a cool but a couple of hours was plenty for most of us. Ying Qi made seventy dollars gambling!

The next day we went to Red Rocks and then did a small mapping project.

The visitor's center for Red Rocks.

Ranee, Isabel, Ariana, and Ying Qi.

Izzy in jackalope ears.

Davey in jackalope ears.

Schatz, Dave, and Claire mapping. Team Bonanza King. They won the fight.

A very nice picture of John.

That afternoon we went to the Hoover Dam to take a look.

The lake side.

The other side. It was big!

A bunch of people on the dam.

Looking over to the bridge.

Ranee, Izzy, and Kelly.

Running feet. The artsiest!

Young Q, Just Enough, Silver Hammer, and Lion Hunter.

Sunset at the dam.


Sam, Davey, Andi, and Gerben tried to run to the Hoover Dam and meet the rest of the group. However, they got a little bit lost and ended up on the bridge above the dam. Then they tried to take the pedestrian path across the bridge but the other side was barricaded. Dave tried to jump the barricade but a cop saw them and brought them to Leslie. They gave Leslie a scare pulling up in a cop car!

Here is our campground, it was a really nice place.

We'll post pictures from Death Valley tomorrow.
Dave and Iz

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