Monday, November 5, 2012

Death Valley

Here are our pictures from when we were in Death Valley. On our drive there we stopped at this cool road outcrop and figured out the volcanic activity and the faulting.

The next morning we drove up to 5000 feet and had a view of the valley.


The group looking out on Death Valley.

Dave being a hipster.

In the afternoon we drove down to Badwater, 282 feet below sea level!

Dave and Iz TAKE ON THE west (Liza is pointing to the west)!

Sea level up on the cliffs.

Dave and Iz at Badwater.

Then we went to Mosaic Canyon, it was very beautiful. Here is Leslie telling us about the canyon.

Artsy bungus shot.

Another wonderful picture of John.

Walking through the canyon.

John Underwood, our TA.

Artsy shadow high five.

Izzy up high.

Liza and Andi.

Dave up high.

Our last stop of the day was huge sand dunes!!

Gerben rolling down.

Dave rolling down.

Joey rolling down.

Sand dunes!

Izzy running.

And still running.

Artsy ridge pic.

Dave's shadow, Joey, Izzy, and Gerben.

Looking back.

On our day off a few of us hiked Telescope Mountain. Here is a cool tree.

Isabel and Jenica.

Iz and Davey.

The boys, Dave, David CS, Sam S, and Reed.

Izzy in her suit.

It was a beautiful view!

The next day we split into two groups. Our group measured a fault scarp and a coyote walked right by us! The other group measured gravity on either side of the valley.

We used a stadia rod, an auto level and a tape measure.

On our last day in Death Valley, we swapped from the day before. The gravity people walked 10 kilometers across the salt flats. Here is Claire carrying the gravimeter.

Jen reading the gravity.

We spotted the other group walking from the opposite side of the valley.

The two groups walking across the valley met up in the middle for lunch and then continued on their way.


The lowest golf course in the world!

Tomorrow we will put up pictures from our time at China Ranch.

Dave and Iz

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